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Dr. Vijoo Rattansi, Chairman, The Rattansi Educational Trust. Welcome to The Rattansi Educational Trust. The Trust with a heart and a desire to eradicate poverty through education of needy students.


The Rattansi Educational Trust, a charitable family Trust, has helped many Kenyans achieve their higher education dreams..

The Rattansi Educational Trust Building
Income from the Rattansi Educational Trust Building, funds the education of needy students. This family Building has been the only source of income for the Trust for over 50 years. Recently, the Trust established the Dr. Hassanally Rattansi Endowment Fund, in memory of Dr. Hassanally.
The Rattansi Educational Trust is a member of EAAG-East African Assocition of Grant Makers


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The Rattansi Educational Trust disbursed to Universities and other colleges more than twelve, million Kenya shillings as bursaries for needy students for the year 2007. Read more.

The Trust helps needy students in institutions of higher learning at both Public and Private Universities, Polytechnics, and other institutions of tertiary education. More than 50 institutions benefit from the Rattansi Bursary awards.
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Vetting of candidates is shared by the institutions through which the bursaries are disbursed and the Rattansi Trust. But The Trust reserves the right to accept or disqualify any candidate. For more information on bursary qualification click here.

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