THE RATTANSI EDUCATIONAL TRUST "Education Lights the Path to Development"
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Dr. Vijoo H. M. Rattansi (Mrs.) OGW (CHAIRMAN)     

Profile of Dr. Vijoo Rattansi

1.    Chairman / Trustee Rattansi Educational Trust (The Rattansi Educational Trust is a charitable Trust that assists needy students with school fees. It is a family Trust that uses the Rattansi family endowment, The Rattansi Educational Trust Building, along Koinange Street, Nairobi Kenya to fund the education of needy students in institutions of higher learning.) At the Trust, we believe that “education lights the path to development.”

•  Chairman SIDERAC (Slums Information Development and Resource Centre)

At Siderac we believe in building Youth Leadership for Community Service as the future of a nation lies in its youth. We operate in the slums as a lot of untapped resources exist in these communities which when harnessed together bring about positive change. Our vision is to have an empowered slum community with easy access to information and opportunities that can enable them to lead decent lives on a sustainable basis.

•  Trustee, Sir Michael Blundell Trust

•  Trustee, Kenya Community Development Fund

•  Chairman, EAAG (East Africa Association of Grant Makers )

•  Chairman, Board of Governors Highway Secondary School

Standing from left: Mr. James Birnie, Urshila Dhingra, Mr. Robin Mason.
Seated: Mr. Charles Njonjo, Dr. Vijoo Rattansi (Mrs) OGW(CHAIRMAN).
Not in the Picture: Dr. E. Muringo Kiereini (Mrs.)

These are the people who provide leadership to the Rattansi Educational Trust.

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