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January 2007
Rattansi gives Ksh. 12m to Scholarships.

Rattansi Educational Trus gave grants worth Ksh.12 million (171,428US Dollars) to 18 colleges and universities for bursaries to support poor students.
Presenting the cheques, Rattansi Educational Trust chairman Dr. VH (Mrs.) Rattansi thanked the university of Nairobi for hosting the event and emphasized that it is the Trust's vision to contribute to the development of the country through investing in young people.

Youngest Rattansi son to manage the Trust.

Mr. Imran Rattansi

The youngest Rattansi son, Imran Rattansi will move in to help Dr. Vijoo Rattansi, manage the Trust after completing his studies at the University of St. Andrews Scotland mid 2008.

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Mrs Vijoo Rattansi, the chairperson was awarded the Order of the Grand Warrior of Kenya (OGW) in recognition of her immense contribution towards the welfare of the underprivileged. The Honours and Award was bestowed on her by his Excellency Hon. Mwai Kibaki at state house Nairobi on Jamhuri day 12th December 2006.

The Rattansi Educational Trust is a member of EAAG-East African Association of Grant Makers

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