THE RATTANSI EDUCATIONAL TRUST "Education Lights the path to development"
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Vision of the Trust:
a) The Trust envisions a Kenya with diminished poverty levels
b) Greater number of educated Kenyans from needy families
Higher standards of living resulting from providing education for
the needy in the society

Mission of the Trust:
To provide education for the needy in the society to help light up
their path to development. At the Trust we firmly believe
that “Education Lights the path to development”

The specific objectives are:
(i) To assist in the provision of quality holistic education to Kenyans.
(ii) To assist in the provision of a well rounded education for Kenyans to become good citizens.
(iii) To offer bursaries for needy Kenyans at degree level.
(iv) To assist Kenyans train in courses such as driving and dressmaking if this helps lift up family standards.

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The Rattansi Educational Trust disbursed to Universities and other colleges more than 12, million Kenya shillings as bursaries for needy students for the year 2007. Read more.

The Rattansi Educational Trust is a member of EAAG-East African Association of Grant Makers.

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